September 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

You are a hot cup of coffee on rainy days,

an ice-cold shower in summer.

You are rain tapping out secret messages on my window,

whispering untold stories of our future

on an island not known to man.

I am going to love you

as fiercely as ocean winds that rip through the clouds,

like tigers’ teeth and bear claws.

Like wolves making midnight wishes

on amber moons

that resonate across the sky

that twinkle like movie star smiles

and shake every last tree

in the forest.


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§ One Response to Intensity

  • Rico Ona says:

    You are the rays of sunshine peeking from the clouds after a rainy day,
    The ice cream cone a kid craves for on a hot summer day.
    Like the gentle breeze whispering as I walk along the road,
    Telling me that I’m the luckiest man to have ever lived
    All because of your affection for me.

    I am going to cherish you
    As warm as the first sunlight of the day touches you after a cold night,
    Like your first sip of hot chocolate during Christmas Eve
    Like a little boy making wishes on falling stars
    Never forgetting that wish until he grows old
    Like the memories we will have
    As we traverse down this path
    I will cherish that.

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