September 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today, I decided to take a long walk by myself.

Funny how life proceeded in normalcy when I was so preoccupied with my personal affairs that seem to have secluded me from the world itself. I did not even notice that the leaves were changing colors, nor did I recognize that my brother had already changed his hair into two or three different styles. The closest I ever got to awareness with the physical world is finally acknowledging that my hands were starting to dry and shed skin.

It is not always that you get a reaction from your absence or lack of care towards one thing, or in more difficult cases, one person. I used to indulge myself with beautiful musings– actually the word beautiful is an understatement. There were periods of appreciation that I purposely put in my daily schedule; just moments of observing and trying to understand life and the lovely world beneath my tiny feet.

The more frequent my days became hectic, the quicker those moments of enjoyable introspection submissively faded from my routine.

The last thing I want to happen is to abide to the kind of life that is barricaded by the superficial norms, commercialism, and absurdly greedy occupations that seemingly make the world run in a robotic manner. Arts, pondering on ideals are my kind of thing. They captivate me to a ridiculous extent.

And I refuse to stay in this puppet show lifestyle where everyone seems to be easily manipulated by the powerful.

Oh, the human’s tendency to be ignorant… Just so happened my hands had physical indications of my unavailability.

So, thank god for biological reactions, I guess..


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